Leadership with vision and practicality.


Geoff Robinson
Pioneer / CEO

Trailblazing, Innovation, Enthusiasm

Geoff is co-founder of Savvy Confidants, and as CEO, he is characterized by pioneering innovation. He works to get there first – the first to market or the first to discover a new approach, concept or technology recommendation. 

Geoff helps clients thrive by creating a path rather than looking for it. He continuously drives solid recommendations and creates plans for each client’s success.

Geoff’s experience spans a multitude of industries and the unique channels each serve. 

He not only works with clients directly but also speaks on business strategy and marketing technology. 


Heidi Van Antwerp
Pragmatist / President & COO

Straightforward, Intelligence, Clarity

Heidi is co-founder of Savvy Confidants, and as President/COO, she leads the complex efforts ensuring an effective intersection between what is possible and  determining how it can and will be accomplished.

Heidi pragmatically engages clients on all levels of strategic execution. Clients benefit because she is able to objectively lead above any commotion that might come as a distraction. 

She has delivered results across industries in the technology sector, maturing non-profits, and as a teacher of mathematics.