We provide leadership for our clients in these key areas ...

Governance & portfolio management

Technical Program & PROJECT management

digital event management

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We get you results by managing highly-complex technology projects that...

Open Bottlenecks

The bottleneck between marketing and technology groups to move forward using new digital capabilities has not been opened…yet. 

Turbo-Charge Existing Strategies

You have your digital strategy, but do not have the internal resources or capability to get there quickly...yet. 

Boost ROI from Data Investments

Money spent to understand your customer hasn’t been converted into increased revenue, improved profitability, or a quicker time to market…yet.

Intensify Known Savings

There is money to be saved and quality improvements to make in the way you acquire, serve, maintain, and retain your current customers.

Optimize Channel Efficiencies

Current channels of distribution are no longer cost effective.

Seize Opportunities

Digital marketing opportunities offered by new technologies have not been fully taken advantage of…yet. 

Elevate Customer Journeys

Time and money spent journey mapping has not yielded new revenue, reduced costs/expenses or time based improvements...yet.

Our Core Competencies Include...

Project Management

Providing PMP certified expertise; develop roadmaps leading initiatives to successful delivery -- ON TIME and WITHIN BUDGET

Leading transitions from Waterfall to the Agile methodology to enable faster iterations of product development for the whole business

Agile Transformations

High Profile Event Management

Design through execution of key digitally-based events including risk mitigation planning

Facilitation and Mediation

Recovering, Re-establishing, and Recommitting to a new, effective plan if trust is broken, chaos has ensued, or a project has failed


Providing technology and entreprenueurial negotiations

Data Science/big data/Analytics

Using predictive modeling, data quality/master data management to achieve a competitive advantage

CRM Solutions

Leading the selection process and effectively deploying complex CRM ecosystems

Customer Journeys

Reimagining your customer's experience by orchestrating digital environments to increase loyalty

Digital Marketing

Creating connections between customers and brands through digital technologies/channels

Omni-Channel Marketing

Designing, developing, and optimizing experiences, effectiveness, and returns while delivering delight across the touchpoints customers prefer to use

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